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[ Enhydra XMLC: Open Source Java/XML Presentation Compiler ]

Welcome to the Enhydra XMLC project !

Enhydra XMLC is the presentation technology that supports the needs of designers, developers and architects alike, delivering what JSP cannot - strict separation of markup and logic in a true object view of dynamic presentations.

Some XMLC Attributes:

Generate Java classes that implement to a single presentation interface
 Designed for optimal designer/developer workflow
 Native XHTML/HTML, XML, VoiceXML, WML, CHTML support
 Optimized DOM access & manipulation
 Dynamic presentation class reloading/parsing
 Use same markup file for mock-up and production

XMLC is now fully portable to Tomcat 4, 5 as well as JBoss, BEA, Enhydra and other Web Container implementations. Looking for an MVC Presentation Framework for Enhydra XMLC? Check out the Barracuda project.

Recent News

27 July 2004: XMLC 2.2.5 is out.


  • Fixed issue with XHTMLFormElement.getChildNodes() returning zero children even when they existed (reported by Petr Stehlik)
  • Fixed issue with BaseDOMFormatter.write() adding newline when calling the method multiple times (reported by Christian Cryder)
  • Obviated the need to add mockup text to an element with an id in order to generate setText*(String) methods
  • Miscelaneous other updates to docs, testcases, and other

Binary and source distributions can be found on the ObjectWeb Forge.

24 January 2004: XMLC 2.2.4 is out.


  • Fixed issue with unnecessary synchronization in LazyHTMLDocument (patch contributed by Mark Leverentz)
  • Fixed issue with using a non-buffered Writer in DOMFormatter (patch contributed by Pieter Schoenmakers)
  • Fixed regression where pretty printing affected markup even when not explicitly turned on
  • Updated javadoc for the Xmlc taskdef with descriptions of all possible attributes. Clarified a few existing descriptions. Made all boolean-like attributes enforce taking *only* boolean values (true/false, on/off, yes/no). The "force" attribute, in particular, was one which used to take an arbitrary string and then only use it if that string as true/false. Now the task will barf on arbitrary strings not in the list of boolean values.

Binary and source distributions can be found on the ObjectWeb Forge.

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