XMLC Document Metadata

Each document XMLC compiles has programmer-supplied metadata to specify how the document is to be processed. A subset of the metadata can be specified as options on the command line or in an options file. However, much of the metadata associated with a document needs to be expressed in a more structured and flexible manner than is available in a linear command line.

XMLC metadata files are XML files that can contain both document global and element-specific data about a document. In addition to specifying how a document is to be compiles, requires on the structure of the portions of the document can be supplied. This allows for easy detection of changes in the document that may affect the code.

Another important function of XMLC metadata is to allow a common set of definitions for different versions of the same document. A single metadata file can be used with different natural-language translations of a document or the same basic document represented in different markup languages (for example, HTML and WML).

The XML metadata file is defined by an XML schema. The files must have a name extension of .xmlc and are specified to the XMLC command line or API. The presence of a XML header distinguishes the a XMLC metadata file from an XMLC options file. The following describe the metadata file syntax and function: